Battery Drain - Battery Drains In Under 30 Days

Symptom Description: ShockWiz drains the battery significantly quicker than what is specified. When an issue exists the rate of battery drain depends on the severity of the electrical short. A ShockWiz device that drains a battery in under 30 days is considered irregular.  

Cause:  The circuit board of the ShockWiz device has an electrical short. As a result, there is significant draw on the installed battery greatly reducing battery life.


1) Perform a reboot on the affected ShockWiz device.
2) Install a new CR2032 battery.
3) Monitor the life of the newly installed battery. 

Reboot Instructions:
1) Remove battery lid and battery from the ShockWiz device.
2) Install the battery upside down for 5 seconds (positive terminal of battery facing circuit board).
3) Remove battery.
4) Install new CR2032 in correct orientation (positive terminal of battery facing AWAY from circuit board).

NOTICEIt is necessary that the life (voltage) of the new battery be monitored to determine if the device is in fact draining batteries. 

If after completing the above troubleshooting the issue is not resolved, contact Quarq Customer Service for further assistance.