Installation - Hose Won't Thread Onto Fork/Shock

Symptom Definition:  The ShockWiz hose will not fully thread onto the fork or shocks air inflation valve stem. The hose coupler engages 1-2 threads and will not thread on any further.

Cause:  The OD(outer diameter) of the fork or shocks valve stem is too large for the ShockWiz hose coupler to thread onto.

**The ShockWiz hose couplers are made to a tighter tolerance than a hose coupler found on a shock pump. This is done to keep the ShocKWiz hoses to the lowest profile possible to increase clearances. As a result, it is not uncommon for a shock pump hose to install without issue on the affected fork/shock. 


1) Attempt to install ShockWiz onto the same fork or shock using the alternate ShockWiz hose provided.   

If the alternate ShockWiz hose exhibits the same symptom, the issue is likely with the Inflation valve stem of the suspension product. 

2) Attempt to install ShockWiz using either hose on a different suspension component or brand of suspension. 

If installation is successful on a different suspension component or brand of suspension, the issue lies with the OD of the affected fork or shock's inflation stem. 

**NOTICE: Quarq does NOT offer a solution to this issue. If desired, you may contact the fork or shock's manufacturer for potential fixes.