Installation - Hose Does Not Engage Valve Core

Symptom Description: When the ShockWiz hose is fully installed it does not depress the Schrader valve pin of the fork or shock’s inflation valve and the valve remains closed. As a result, changes in pressure within the air spring cannot be measured by ShockWiz. You also cannot deflate the air spring by depressing the un-used ShockWiz inflation valve.

Cause:  The valve core of the fork or shock sits too deep within the valve stem or top cap. The ShockWiz hose is designed to engage valve core pins at a ‘depth from seal surface’ of 0-1.15mm.  Pin depth greater than 1.15mm will be ‘out of reach’ when the hose is installed.


1) Using a valve core removal tool, remove the valve core from the fork or shocks air inflation valve2_3_Valve_core_removal_tool_on_fork_cropped.jpg


2) With the valve core removed, reinstall ShockWiz onto the fork or shock. 4._Installing_shockwiz_onto_fork_no_valve_cropped.jpg


3) Connect ShockWiz to the ShockWiz App, and view the Home page. Cycle the suspension while viewing the live pressure reported in the app.

IF ShockWiz detects pressure change as suspension is cycled -  the valve core depth was the issue*.

*If it is determined that the valve core depth is the issue, ShockWiz can be successfully used IF the valve core is removed while riding. If this is done, you MUST record the air pressure of the fork/shock prior to un-installing ShockWiz, as doing so will completely deflate the air spring. Following the removal of ShockWiz, re-install the valve core and inflate the fork/shock to the previously recorded pressure (prior to removal).

IF ShockWiz does NOT detect pressure change as suspension is cycled -  see Air Flow - Hose Is Obstructed, or contact Quarq Customer Service for further assistance.