Air Leak - ShockWiz Valve Core Leaks Air

Symptom Description: Air leaks from the ShockWiz inflation valve when installed on a pressurized spring.

Cause:  The valve core is not sealing properly. 


1) Remove the affected valve core with a schrader valve core removal tool.2._Removing_valve_core_cropped.jpg

2) Lubricate the valve core seals with SRAM Butter (or similar).4._Lubricating_valve_core_cropped.jpg


3) Re-install the valve core and tighten with a valve core tool. *DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! Factory torque on a valve core is 6 in-lbs (.6779 Nm)*5._Installing_valve_core_cropped.jpg


4) Install a shock pump on the ShockWiz valve that was NOT removed and lubricated. Cycle the pump until a pressure of 100 psi is reached on the gauge. The valve that was removed and lubricated should no longer leak.

NOTICE: If using a digital shock pump it may take 5-10 seconds for the pressure value displayed to stabilize. This is normal.


If after completing the above troubleshooting the issue is not resolved, contact Quarq Customer Service for further assistance.