Air Flow - Hose Is Obstructed

Symptom Description: A ShockWiz hose is obstructed to the point that very little air, or no air at all, can flow through the hose. It will be very difficult, or impossible, to inflate or deflate the suspension's air spring through the unused ShockWiz valve. The device will also be unable to measure pressure from the air spring and when connected to the app, the live pressure reported on the Home page will not increase or decrease as the suspension is cycled.

Cause: An error occurred during the manufacturing of the hose and created a blockage. 


1) Install ShockWiz onto a fork or shock with the alternate hose provided.Hoses.jpg

Alternate hose works correctly - Contact Quarq Customer Service for a replacement hose. 

Alternate hose also appears obstructed - Verify that either hose is actually obstructed (see below).


2) With the hose (believed to be obstructed) installed on ShockWiz, install a shock pump to the remaining ShockWiz valve.
NOTICE: Ensure the ShockWiz hose AND shock pump hose are fully installed. 2._Installing_shockpump_onto_ShockWiz_cropped.jpg


3) Cycle the pump at a normal inflation pace while monitoring the pump's gauge. 4._Pumping_on_obstructed_hose_compresssed_cropped.jpg

Less than 5 psi registers on the pump's gauge - The hose is NOT obstructed, see Installation - Does Not Engage Valve Core.

Greater than 5 psi registers on the pump's gauge - The hose is obstructed, contact Quarq Customer Service for a replacement hose or hoses.