Ride Sessions and Iterative Tuning

When using ShockWiz it is important that you understand; what a Ride Session is, and the process of Iterative Tuning. 

A Ride Session is a period of time where ShockWiz is collecting data on the suspension. This can last from a single trail of a few minutes to multiple rides spread across weeks. The only requirement is that changes to the suspension cannot be made during the session. This includes any changes to a compression switch (3 position threshold or lockout). Ideally, the type of riding and terrain would also remain similar within the session. Once you have a sufficient amount of data collected you can begin acting on the Suggestions provided by ShockWiz.

Before making any suspension adjustments, see Confidence and What To Ride Next and Suspension Tuning Order.

After making changes to your suspension, erase the existing data by tapping 'Start New Session' on the Home screen of the app. Go for another ride to collect new data and to determine if the changes made were effective. 

This process of performing a Ride Session, making the changes and starting a New Session forms the Iterative Tuning process, which should be repeated until you are satisfied with the Shock Tuning Score and the performance of your suspension.