Suspension Tuning Order

Tuning suspension is about balancing forces. When one force dominates bad things happen. The adjustments in forks and rear shocks exist to balance the forces that are propelling and retarding the suspension’s motion – so tires stay planted on the ground and you are faster, safer and more comfortable.

To get the best results from ShockWiz, we recommend tuning in the same order that the suggestions are shown in the app. This is because some changes affect others. Rebound, for example, should follow Air Spring Ramp because a different combination of Baseline Air Pressure and Air Spring Ramp will have a different Rebound requirement.

Going further, Baseline Air Pressure and Air Spring Ramp are a tuning pair that should be done together. Then Rebound and High Speed Compression should be done together. Finally, Low Speed Compression and Bottom Out Resistance should be done individually.

There is an exception to the order. If one of the tuning pairs has a red indicator and the other has green and/or yellow, the one with red should be corrected first.

See the ShockWiz User Manual for more information.



See the ShockWiz User Manual for more.