Connection Issues - Cannot Connect To The ShockWiz App

Symptom Description: The ShockWiz device will not connect to the ShockWiz App.

Cause:  Connection issues can be the fault of either the ShockWiz device or the phone the ShockWiz App is being used on. 

Quick checks:

  • Verify Bluetooth is enabled on the phone.
    • Toggle the phone's Bluetooth off/on.
  • Force quit the ShockWiz App and reopen.
  • Turn phone off/on to clear phone's Bluetooth cache.
  • Verify ShockWiz is awake indicated by a flashing LED. Shake the device or bounce the bike to wake ShockWiz. If ShockWiz will not Wake, see;
    No Function - ShockWiz Will Not Turn On

If the above steps do NOT correct the issue, continue with the below troubleshooting.


1) Perform a reboot on ShockWiz.
2) Attempt to connect the ShockWiz device to the ShockWiz App.

Reboot Instructions:
1) Remove battery lid and battery from the ShockWiz device.
2) Install the battery upside down for 5 seconds (positive terminal of battery facing circuit board).
3) Remove battery.
4) Install new CR2032 in correct orientation (positive terminal of battery facing AWAY from circuit board).

If the above steps do NOT correct the issue, continue troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting cont…

3) Attempt to connect ShockWiz to a different phone or Tablet.
4) See Also, Bluetooth Interference  - Poor ShockWiz App Performance 

If after completing the above troubleshooting the issue is not resolved, contact Quarq Customer Service for further assistance.