ShockWiz will not wake / turn on.

When ShockWiz is awake the red LED will flash every 5 seconds. The LED is visible through the plastic lid and can be seen looking down at the top of the device, or from the side branded "ShockWiz". Cycle the suspension or tap on ShockWiz 3-5 times wake the device. If cycling the suspension or tapping on the device does not wake ShockWiz, lift the wheel off the ground and drop it 2-3 times.

Does not wake, LED does not flash - If ShockWiz is not waking, perform a reboot by shorting the battery contacts of ShockWiz.

Reboot procedure

  1. Install the battery into the battery tray upside down (positive side of battery facing the circuit board) for 3-5 seconds.
  2. Re-install the battery in the correct orientation (positive side of battery facing away from the circuit board).

If the LED does not begin to flash after re-installing the battery, perform the reboot again, and then install a new battery.

If after installing the new battery the LED does not begin to flash, ShockWiz may be stuck in bootloader. See Firmware Update Failed, ShockWiz Now Unresponsive.