No Function - ShockWiz Will Not Turn On

Symptom Description: ShockWiz has no function and behaves as though a battery is not installed. The LED does not flash and the device cannot be detected by ShockWiz App.

Cause:  This symptom can be the result of several things, many of which can be fixed in the field. If the below troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, a problem exists with the electronics. Contact Quarq Customer Service for further assistance.


1) Perform a reboot on ShockWiz and install a new CR2032 battery. 

Reboot Instructions:
1) Remove battery lid and battery from the ShockWiz device.
2) Install the battery upside down for 5 seconds (positive terminal of battery facing circuit board).
3) Remove battery.
4) Install new CR2032 in correct orientation (positive terminal of battery facing AWAY from circuit board).

LED begins to Flash, Connects to App - Issue is resolved (See below NOTICE).

LED begins to Flash, will NOT Connect to App - See App Connection Issues.

LED does NOT flash - See article Update Failed - ShockWiz Is Now Unresponsive

NOTICE: If performing a reboot wakes ShockWiz, let the device sit idle for 10+ minutes to turn off. Then check that the device will wake (such as by shaking the device or bouncing the bike on the ground) and connect to the app in a normal fashion. If ShockWiz does not wake in a normal manner, see 'Requires contact short to wake'.

If after completing the above troubleshooting the issue is not resolved, contact Quarq Customer Service for further assistance.