ShockWiz 101

In this article, we will try and clear up a couple of common misconceptions about the basic usage of ShockWiz

Data storage: All data collection and analysis is performed within the ShockWiz device itself; no computation occurs within the app. The app is only a means to display the collected information and to interact with the device; such as to calibrate or to start a new session. Since the data is stored directly on the ShockWiz device it is not necessary to carry your phone during a ride. However, once you have the ShockWiz app open and connected to your device you can check the results at any time. This could be at the end of a segment, the end of a ride or in three weeks time, it doesn’t matter. Your data will be saved until a new session is started.

Using two devices: If you have a dual suspension bike, then it is beneficial, but not essential, to use two ShockWiz devices simultaneously. The process of using two devices is very similar to using one. You simply have to connect to each device individually to set them up and review the results. To switch between devices, simply tap the device name at the top of the app page and select your other device from the list. On some phones it may be beneficial to first disconnect from the current device before you connect to the other.

There is no communication between ShockWiz devices, only from each device to the phone/App. Tuning, however, does become much faster with two devices because you are capturing twice the data at once and there is no need to swap from the front to the rear. Typically, but not always, both the front and rear of a dual suspension bike should be set up and tuned with the same Tuning Style.