Confidence and What To Ride Next

Confidence, which is displayed as a percentage, assesses the quantity of detections observed by ShockWiz during a ride session. Confidence is calculated by looking at the number and spread of the current detections across all detection categories. The more detections observed by ShockWiz, the higher Confidence becomes.

To insure the tuning Suggestions can be trusted, it is recommend that any changes to your suspension be made until a Confidence of 50% or higher is reached. For tuning procedures that require more effort, such as taking apart a shock to modify ramp, it is recommended that a Confidence of 80% or higher be reached to insure that suggestion can be trusted.

The above information can be found within the ShockWiz App by tapping 'Confidence' from the home page.

What To Ride Next, as displayed on the Home page, tells you the type of riding you need to perform in order to increase Confidence and obtain higher quality feedback. For the quickest and highest quality results, follow the riding advice provided by What To Ride Next.