I am losing air pressure with ShockWiz installed

When sitting, the air pressure inside your suspension's positive air chamber can fluctuate slightly due to changes in temperature. A change of up to 5psi (34.4738kpa / 0.344738bar) can be considered normal as long as the suspension is not regularly losing this amount over time; such as 5 psi in every 24 hour period. 

If you notice that your suspension is regularly losing air pressure when ShockWiz is installed, check the following:

Air cap installed during use - Insure that the unused ShockWiz air inflation valve has the air cap installed during normal use. Failure to have air cap installed will allow air to leak from your suspension and increase the chance of dirt or debris entering ShockWiz.

Check hose connections - Without the use of tools, insure that the hose between ShockWiz and the suspension's air inflation valve are tight. If needed apply a small amount of grease the outer threads of the ShockWiz air inflation valve. This will ease installation and lubricate the hoses o-ring if it is dry. 
NOTICE: DO NOT OVER APPLY GREASE!! Less is more in this situation and you do not want to introduce grease into the ShockWiz manifold. Use only enough grease to lightly coat the threads. Wipe away ANY excess grease before installing the hose onto ShockWiz and your suspension..

Try a different hose - ShockWiz ships with 2 air hoses. If you have already checked the two above possibilities, try the alternate hose that shipped with ShockWiz. 
*NOTICE: When using the alternate hose, it may not be possible to properly installed ShockWiz onto your suspension. Because of this it is not required that your bike be ridden when testing the new hose. The hose can be installed and left overnight to test for a leak.